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NEW SERIES ALERT: Mating Season from Blake Mason and IndieBucks! July 26, 2013
Stunner Media Inc. announces - in partnership with leading UK gay adult site Blake Mason - the release of the brand new Mating Season series in the renowned After Hours collection.

Mating Season will be accessible to both new and existing Blake Mason members and can be promoted through Blake Mason, part of the IndieBucks affiliate program.

Mating Season is the latest adventure sure to grab the attention of members, following the action as a group of horny young British men get back to nature in explicit style. Filmed in the glorious British countryside, the gathering of Blake Mason favorites commune with nature in eight full episodes of hardcore sex, from group wanking and rampant duo's to fourgies and an amazing orgy, guaranteed to have them unloading and the fans joining in too. It's animal lust and survival of the fittest as these young men enjoy each other under canvas, and under the open skies, in episodes intended to have the fans pitching their own tents.

Some banners to promote Mating Season:

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